Miniature Donkey Care

Miniature donkeys love children

Miniature donkeys require similar care to a horse. They will need to be wormed and vaccinated regularly, to see the dentist and the farrier and to have their fields cleared of droppings. All our miniature donkeys have field shelters or the use of a stable, as they need protection from the rain and the sun.

Miniature donkeys are very good doers, and really do not need a lot of extra feed, unless they are heavily pregnant or lactating. Never stop feeding them abruptly either, because this can also cause problems. Make changes gradually over a few days. They can get laminitis, so it is essential to strip graze them in the periods of grass growth, remember that this can even be winter if the weather is mild. We weigh band ours and condition score them so that we can spot changes to their weight.

If you really want to find out about caring for your Mini, come on one of our Training Days when we will show you our management system, discuss what works and what doesn't. We have about 50 donkeys here, so we have a lot of experience.

We breed miniature donkeys in all colours of foals, from black, through brown, sorrel, grey to coloured. We try to breed small stocky foals with sturdy legs and pretty heads, and always fantastic temperaments. Most of our jennies are from 30" to 32.5", which means they foal easily but are well within the maximum Miniature height of 36" at the shoulder.